Rogue Drone Sites [100-200 million ISK/hour]

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Rogue drone sites spawning all over New Eden offer lucrative opportunities for pilots flying almost any ship. With the right strategy, they are trivial to clear while lining your pockets.



Rogue drone sites spawn all throughout New Eden. They are plentiful in high security space, but always present in low and null security space. In low and null, they spawn immediately, meaning you can camp a single system indefinitely. The difficulty of the site depends on the security status of the system. Lower security status systems will spawn more difficult sites. Sites in high security space spawn a battlecruiser, while low security sites will spawn a battleship. This battleship can prove challenging for smaller ships, such as destroyers, but is trivial to defeat with a cruiser or better.

Rogue Drone Battleship

Image credit: /u/never_listens

Waves of rogue drones spawn one after the other, alongside dozens of small drones. The rats are short range, so be sure to orbit a wreck at 10km with an Afterburner on to mitigate damage. The small drones do small amounts of damage, but it can build up over time. They do not need to be killed to progress within the site. Killing the ships in one wave triggers the next wave to spawn. Rogue drones are weak to EM damage. Drone users will want to use Acolyte and Infiltrator drones, while missile users will use Mjolnir missiles. Drone users beware – the spawns will target drones above the “light” class. If using Infiltrators, keep a close eye on the health of your drones, and remember to recall them if they’re taking damage.

Some waves will contain an “Overlord” named ship. These are the only ships that drop loot in the site. Loot includes various SKINs, event-specific boosters, and Rogue Drone Accelerators, which increase your skill training speed. Loot can vary between sites, but Accelerators drop roughly 1 in 3 to 4 sites. The wrecks can be salvaged for ~5 mil per site, but it will be more profitable for most players to run other sites rather than salvaging.

This Rogue Drone event will continue running until January 9. Keep in mind that Rogue Drone Accelerators will expire at the end of the event, so make sure you sell them before then.


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