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Each game rebalance slightly changes the metagame of EVE Online. These shifts are accompanied my potential shifts in the market prices of the associated items. Market trend analysis and prediction can be used to capitalize on these opportunities. In this guide, we take a look at the changes slated for the upcoming EVE Online: Lifeblood winter expansion, due to release on October 24, and how we can profit from these changes.

Market Trend Analysis

Before a patch comes out, a good market trader will keep an eye on the patch notes. A recent dev blog revealed the currently planned changes for the upcoming winter expansion, Lifeblood. A quick look through the changes reveals that while some ships are being tweaked, some are suffering big nerfs, and others are receiving large buffs.

These changes will cause shifts in the market prices of these ships, and a good trader will recognize and capitalize on these shifts. While it still may be too early to begin stockpiling, as the changes are not set in stone, it is never too early to begin research.

From the dev blog above, two changes of note are the changes to the Rifter and the Dragoon.

Know Your Ships

The Rifter

RifterThe Rifter has always been a popular PVP ship. However, it has had some trouble keeping up with other ships (such as the Tristan) in recent times. The dev blog outlines a very simple change: the Rifter will lose 1 high slot in exchange for an additional low slot. This may not seem significant, but some further insight clarifies the significance of these changes.

With 3 turret slots, the Rifter’s fourth high slot is a utility slot. Traditionally, this slot was used for an energy nosferatu. This slot was effectively useless for artillary-fit Rifters, which orbit outside the effective range of a small nosferatu. This change will make artillary-fit Rifters much more viable, as the extra low slot can be used for additional speed, tank, or damage.

With this information in mind, we can predict that the price of Rifters will increase with the coming patch.

The Dragoon

DragoonAnother popular PVP ship is the Dragoon. With its 6 high slots and the hull’s drone bonuses, the ship is a capable capacitor warfare platform. However, its primary drawback is that it only possesses 2 medium slots. In addition to upping the hull’s CPU by 5 points, the upcoming expansion swaps one high slot for an additional medium slot.

With 5 high slots, the Dragoon will retain much of its offensive capability. The additional medium slot will allow for a larger variety of fitting options. Now, the Dragoon can possess a propulsion module and a warp scrambler alongside a capacitor booster. This change presents a large buff to the Dragoon, and the price of this hull can also be expected to increase with the coming patch.


With this information at hand, a good trader will be prepared for the changes the expansion brings. Keep an eye on future dev blogs, and be prepared for the planned tweaks to change in the future. However, if the patch notes mirror the changes outlined in this dev blog, we are already prepared due to our market trend analysis results.

On/around patch day, a good trader will stockpile these two ships. The prices will likely spike just after the release of the expansion, before stabilizing at a higher price point than before the expansion. A Jita station trader can likely turn a decent profit simply reselling these ships. Alternatively, there is potential for an even larger profit in popular PVP hubs, such as Rens. With the incoming buffs, low-sec PVPers and faction warfare pilots will be eager to try out the improved ships. Hubs near low sec that have lower stocks of these ships will experience even larger price surges. Stockpiling ships in these hubs may prove even more profitable than doing so in a larger market hub.

Though this is a minor example of market trend analysis, similar tactics can be applied to most rebalances implemented in the game. Each change has the potential to cause a shift in the metagame, which provides an opportunity for a great deal of profit for the aspiring market trader.


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