Faction Warfare 101: Joining, Complexes, and LP

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Faction Warfare allows pilots to join a militia and fight against enemy militias. Loyalty points rewarded from completing activities can be exchanged for valuable items. In addition, the mechanics of Faction Warfare make it perfect for new and veteran players to hone their skills in PVP.

What is Faction Warfare?

EVE Online is divided into four factions. Amarr and Caldari fight against Minmatar and Gallente for control over warzones. These warzones are located in low security space between these factions’ respective regions. In Faction Warfare, militia pilots capture complexes in order to contest systems, allowing their faction to take space from the enemy. Capturing complexes awards a pilot Loyalty Points (LP), which can be redeemed for valuable items.

Why Faction Warfare?

Faction Warfare is appealing for several reasons. It affords the opportunity for a player to engage other players. These fights are frequently solo or small gang engagements. New and veteran players alike can hone their PVP skills through Faction Warfare. In addition, capturing complexes can be a great source of income, especially for a newer player.

How To Get Started

A player can join a militia one of two ways. First, a player in an NPC corporation can join the militia directly. Simply open the militia office in a station in the desired faction’s space, and click enlist me. Second, a player can join a player corporation already enlisted with the militia. This affords the close sense of community of a player corporation, while also allowing a pilot to participate in militia activities.

Warning: As a member of a militia, you will be engaged by enemy factions’ police forces should you enter their high security space.


Important activities in faction warfare award the player with loyalty points. As a faction controls and upgrades more and more systems, their tier increases. Each tier provides a bonus to the amount of LP that militia members gain from all activities.

TierLP Modifier
 1 -50%
 2 0%
 3 +75%
 4 +150%
 5 +225%


Once enrolled in a militia, you can begin capturing complexes. Head on over to your militia’s war zone to search for complexes. Complexes come in four sizes: novice, small, medium, and large. Each size has different restrictions on what ships can enter. In addition, each size takes a different length of time to capture. These complexes also have a single NPC defending them. The faction of the NPC is the same as that of the complex. For example, a Novice Minmatar complex will have a Minmatar frigate defending it. The NPC defender will not engage a member of its militia. All complexes besides the large size will have access restricted by acceleration gates. You can see these different complexes outlined here:

SizeCapture Time (Min)Allowed shipsNPC
Novice10Frigates (except T2)
Destroyers (except T3)
Medium20Frigates and Destroyers
Cruisers (except T3)

Upon warping into the site, you will see a small structure with a round icon, commonly referred to as a button. Once there are no enemy ships (including the defender NPC) within 30km of the button, it will begin counting down a capture timer. The capture timer will continue to count down so long as a member of your militia remains within 30km of the button. If an enemy ship enters, or you leave the complex, the timer will pause, but it will not reset.

Additionally, ships are unable to activate cloaking modules within 30km of the button. When the timer reaches 0, the LP reward for capturing the site will be paid out. In addition, the LP reward is split evenly between all militia members within 30km of the button, regardless of how long they have been there.

Capturing complexes, or plexing, can be done two ways. Offensive plexing involves capturing complexes in enemy controlled space. Defensive plexing involves capturing complexes in friendly space. Offensive plexing gives more LP than defensive plexing. The LP reward for capturing a complex depends on the size of the complex.



The size restrictions on complexes offer a great advantage to the fledgeling FW pilot. By entering a complex, a pilot can guarantee that they will not be engaged by ships over a certain size. For example, a pilot sitting in a novice complex can only be engaged by T1 and Faction Frigates. This excludes tougher opponents, like Destroyers and T2 Frigates, from the fight. These more even fights are more skill dependent. This way, pilots can learn from their mistakes and hone their PVP skills.

Loyalty Points

Each complex captured or enemy militia pilot killed rewards a pilot with loyalty points. Loyalty points can be spent at your militia faction’s loyalty point store. They are used to buy special items that might not be purchasable elsewhere. The most common use of LP is to buy items, and then sell them to other players for a profit. Before purchasing items, it is useful to consult Fuzzworks’ LP Store Tool. This tool analyzes prices to determine which items give the best ISK/LP.




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