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High Capital Station Trading

Just getting started station trading? Read the original guide here. Expansion The main appeal of station trading is that it provides a large return on investment with little effort. It is simple enough to double or triple a few hundred million ISK in a matter of days. However, if not properly invested, this additional capital… Read More »

EVE Online ISK: Station Trading, Part II

Station Trading 101: Your Guide to Playing the Market Read part I of the guide here. 4. Choosing Items Now that you’ve got your market alt created, skilled, and docked in the station you’ve chosen at your home, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of trading.  A good program to use for… Read More »

EVE Online ISK: Station Trading, Part I

Station Trading 101: Your Guide to Playing the Market You asked for it, so here it is: my guide to playing the market so you can be swimming in EVE Online ISK.  I’ll be covering the basics of station trading in EVE.  This guide is written from my perspective, working my way up from an… Read More »

EVE Online Solo Play

There are quite a few opportunities to fly solo in EVE. Usually, solo gameplay will not be as rewarding as group gameplay in EVE, be it in ISK/hour or fun/hour.  In addition, many of these activities can be much more enjoyable for those who choose to play multiple accounts simultaneously (multibox), e.g. in mining or… Read More »

To Grow an Empire: Planning for the Future

Postmortem I’ve given much of thought lately as to why my profits have failed to grow proportionally with my increase in capital.  The principal seems sound: what I accomplish with 100 million ISK, I should be able to double with 200 million ISK.  Why did this seemingly sound idea fail to translate into into a… Read More »

Ratting for ISK [20-100+ Million ISK/Hour]

“Ratting” in EVE is the process of killing NPC pirates to collect ISK.  There are multiple ways to rat, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Belt Ratting Belt ratting is when you warp between the asteroid belts of a system killing the rats that spawn to collect bounties.  In general, the lower the security… Read More »